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White yarn

I love with my friend Mark.
I just met him last year in grade 9.
It was in the 2nd semester when I walked into the caf and saw my other friend Dustin.
I walked over and stood behind his chair and then this guy next to him turned his head and I was nailed with blue eyes.
I couldn't breath I just stood there with my eyes glued on his then he turned away and I felt hollow As if someone stabed me in the heart and riped out the blade.
I asked Dustin who the heck he was and he Said Mark.
I was thinking "hmm this guy is a winner".
After that day I always went to thier spot in the caf just to see Mark.
After a few weeks after I met him I saw they walked after school so I walked with them beside or behind mark the whole time.
Mark didn't know my name and I think Dustin told him.
I felt like I was in heaven whenever I was with mark.
And one winter he walked with me to the bus terminal and sat with me untill my bus came.
I thought he liked me but when My friend leah asked him out for me because I was to scared to do it myself he said no.
And I felt so sad I didn't talk to him for the rest of the year.
Now in grade 10 he is in my 2nd class but so is dustin so I cant spend time with him during class.
And like last year he and dustin eat lunch together too its just like last year onley I think he likes me more than ever.
After school we walked to the bus terminal and on the way he was nudging me and once he said "I am invisible" I put my hand on his cheek and said "nope your still here.
But when He is with dustin he calls me a bit*h and says i'm stupid.
I was offended for a while but then I relized he onley acts like that because Dustin is around. Guys don't like to show affection for girls when their buds are around.
I flirt with him a lot and when he is not looking i'm going to add my mark (a braided string of white yarn tied in a bow) in the small part of his backpack.
If he keeps it I know he lieks me if h throws it out he doesn't like me or he doesn't know I put it in there.
I will try my best to get mark to ask me out because I know he is the one who will complete me.


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