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Hurting inside

It all started with my high school party, 'love at first sight.' He was cute, smart and everything i ever wanted in a guy! He took my number from my friend and called me but at that time i had a bf.My bf and i broke up around the Christmas period! Me and him started to date on the February, 7th an unforgetable experience! Everything was great, we hang out alot and talk alot on the phone! He loved me so much that he would do anything for me! If i said jump, he would say, ' how high.' I loved him too but getting to know him better, i realised that my role was being played as the man and he was the woman! I hated that because everything i say, he would do it without an object.Yes i knew he loved me so i told him how i felt, he said he would try to make things different but each day things got even more worse. I said to myself, 'if you really love him you would love him for who he is.' I tried and things became less complicated. Around June- July there were alot of quarells, break ups and we began to get fed up with each other.We hardly saw each other and only at nights we spoke to each other on the phone or sometimes we don't! It was complicated because i had exams coming and he wasn't there for me like i wanted him to be there.My ex was more showing attention to me than him but we were just good friends.'he had his girlfriend and i had my bf! Things became more more complicated with my bf and i until i told him i needed a break! I told how i felt and he told me that he would have waited! 2 and a half weeks we took a break for and when i was stress free and decided to ask him back and he told me NO! I was hurt, i felt like someone ripped my heart out of my body! I was broken hearted but never cried! I didn't show it but i'm stil hurting inside! I love him more than anything now, 'how could I,' i said to myself. We speak to eachother still but not as often as before! I don't know if he still loves me but he saids that i played with his feelings and thats unforgetable for him! I need one more chance and i hope he still loves me! I'm broken hearted and i'll never cry but it's huting inside!


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