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She'll always be my first love

well there was this one girl that i loveed too death .id do anything for her & she meant the world to me .we were
together for a long time .In the past i was a player and didnt care for people and how they feel .my girl has taught
me the real meaning of love and to always have hope no matter what kind of stuff your going through & too always
think positive .I believed her and all the words she told me especially when she said I LOVE YOU .About a week ago she told me that she lost all the love for me and that truely broke my heart because i was so in love w/her and
thought we were really going too last .So since that day she hasnt answered my calls,texts, or nothing .I began too
be veryy worried beacuse thats my girl and i was going out with her and she means EVERYTHINg too me .so yesterday 09.22.08 we talked and she didnt want to be w/me because she lose all her love for me and it hurt so much that she
said such a thing .And now were best friends like before but she was my first true love that i actually trusted with
my heart and she ended up breaking it .Its hard to believe
in love after you've been put through so much stuff .i dont
even knoe if ill love again beacause all this . And i wrote this for her .....

" life is sometimes hard ! buht LOVE is something that can bee thee greatest feeling ever & sumtimess ihts thee worst feeling ever =/ sum ppl dont realizee how much oneee person loves another & how much theyy mean too onee person , oneee day thee person that let yew goo will realizee that yerr sumonee that TRUELY loved yew & would do or try anyything too make iht work!ppl that really love eachother or care fer eachother dontt let goo bcuz a lido fight er sumthen .when yew lovee sumonee yew shouldnt have doubts er anything yew supposee too trust them & have hopee even in theee toughest times !yew supposeee too work things outt & no mattter whatt dontt givee uhp on eachother .ppl dont seem too realizee when a personis sooo in love w/yew & cares soo much about yew & thee other person doesntt lovee yew as much =/ LOVE is such a strong word ,with sooo manyy meanings ! ppl dont seem too get thee REAL meaning of lovee & dont understand iht til they've really been in love . staying STRONG through thee toughest times is sooo hard buht as long as yew havee HOPE,FAITH,& BELIEVEE yew can get through practically anything .hopee is EVERYTHING & when yew dont have hopee yew dont havee faith & if yew dont have faith yew dont believee .EVERYONE should have sum kinda hopee in thee onee they love ! being hurt & heartbroken hurts soo much buht as timee goes by yew realizee that iht madee yew stronger & nxt timee yew'll knoee better !buht whatever yerr goen through dont ever give uhp on thee one yew LOVEE ! "

im broken and i still love her so much even though she put
me through alot she'll always be my first love


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