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Still in love

around a year ago i fell in love with a girl.
i knew it was love for at first sight for me i found out what i could about her without being to much of a "stalker" haha so i became friends with her friends and we talked a little ....well about 3 or 4 months after i fell for her i decided i would tell her how i felt not thinking about if she told everyone at school....then i could only imagine the roumors...but she didnt i did it in txt becasue i couldnt bear to do it in person all she didnt write back so i took that as a NO but months on still in love i txt her again ( drunk ) asking if she hated me or if she thought i was a freak she said no she didnt know what to say b4 she has never had a girl like her i apologized for telling her and said i didnt want to be in love with her it just happend she said she there was no reason to apologize .... i recently realized she always looks at me and when she pasts me in the hallway she smiles ....i dont know if its because she feels sorry for me or what .....
anyway im still in love and wondering how she feels....


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