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Happy ending

i was with my best m8 and we were off ta see his gf but then when i saw her my breath just caught in my throat it was love at 1st sight but i knew that i really wanted what i couldnt have but i taught nahhhh hes my best m8 im not doing that 2 him but about a week l8r he started treating her like shit and 1 day i was walking past her house and she came running out of her house with tears running down her face and she ran into my arms and cry"d her heart out in my arms and she told me what happend what he was doing and they were still 2gether at the time but all i could think was even when shes sad shes beuitifull and so i kissed her and she stopped crying and then pulled away looked into my eyes and kissed me it was brilliant then dave really tryed ta cheat on her and then she broke up with him and that day i walked 2 her house and she came out and we were sitting under the tree and i put my arms around her and she leaned back against me i kissed her and asked her will she go out with me she said ye dat was 2 years ago and were still goin strong!!!!!!! so i got my fairytale ending and im in love so i hope every 1 gets dere happy ending !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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