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Deep trance

Im a junior now and there is this boy that has completely caught my attention and kept leaving me in a trance everytime i see him. We have both been in the same school for three year but back when i just came here i didnt really notice him much. Eighth grade was an awful time for me. I had a very low self-esteem and I was very anti social. But I recall this one time in eighth grade where the guy had smiled and waved to me. It surprised me. Since I was pretty much an out caste then. Well a new year came and I was in nineth grade. Thats when I started to change. I still had some issues but slowly I felt like I was blossoming. I didnt look much of a goth or some emo chick anymore that needed to go see the counseler time to time. No I was different. Nothing happened in nineth grade between us then. I had liked another guy but that ended really badly and that was when I realized I was pretty scared about getting into a relationship. I felt that I was too young then I suppose to understand much about love and couples. Time passed and I became a sophmore. I was completely different. Still had a bit of issues but not as bad as before. It was the first day of school and I was going to my world studies class and settling down at a desk when he came in. I had no feelings for him then but after a couple of weeks for some reason I started to fall for him. It was this one day when we were watching a movie that I realized that my eyes kept looking at him. A thought came to me... Why did I keep looking at him?... Then I listed some things through my mind. He had a cute amiable face. gorgeous blue eye. soft nice boyish vioce. a kind heart. and a sweet smile that could make me feel relaxed and make me want to smile with him. At that moment I knew I had fallen for him but since it took me a while to realize that I started spazing for a couple days about it. The days that followed my eyes kept trying to find him in the crowd of students walking here and there. I suddenly start getting butterflies in my stomache when I see him. And when he passes by me I forget to breathe. It was such an exciting and wonderful feeling Ive never really experienced before. In class our eyes would meet for about a second or so until I looked away. I was always the one that looked away first since I felt guilty that he found me looking at him. Well everything kept going the way it was until next semester came and I ended up moving into another world studies class... I tried to get over it and soon forgot about him. Time flew by quickly and school just started last week. Im now a junior!! I couldnt believe it. Anyways I never knew what to expect and suddenly when I went to my math class on the first day I was so surprised to find him in it. It made me really happy for some reason just to see him in one of my classes again. I caught him looking at me a couple of times and couldnt help laugh to myself. Our eyes would meet sometimes as well. It makes me shiver visable sometimes before I could look away. He just keeps me falling into a deep trance whenever our eyes would meet and then I would get this yearning to get to know him better, just everything about him. I dont know what will happen this year but since for some reason I was lucky enough to get to be in the same class as him I want to use this chance to try to get close to him. I still have a chance and I know I won't waste it away like I did before. If you ever have a second chance at something you really want I say go for it!!


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