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Started in March

it all started in March i was very happy with my life i was in a long distance relationship with someone and we always talked on the phone and everything but soon i kinda got sad and missed him and i just didn't want to be alone i wanted him to be their with me well i was a freshman in high school and i talked to my friends a lot and we walked down the hall talking about boys and stuff and them telling me about their dates with their boyfriends well i started to notice this one guy Named xxxxx he was really cute and i started to like him but i felt bad because i had a boyfriend but after a wile i really started to like him and i told my friends well i was unhappy with my old boyfriend because we didn't get to see each other so i told him that i was very unhappy and wanted someone who could hold my hand and walk me to class and stuff so me and my old boyfriend broke up well whenever me and my friends would walk down the hall we would always look at him to see it he was looking at me and most of the time he was witch made me really happy and him and my best friend rides the same bus so one day i went home with her so i could ride the bus just to see him and me and my friends sat in the back of the buss and he sat kinda in the middle well it was time for him to get off and i was looking at him and my friend was talking to me and i was not listening to her so she thought it was funny so she told me she way gonna yell out the window and tell him i like him and i was like no don't so she just hit the window and yelled out it and he turned around and looked and i scooted down in the seat well the next day i wanted to see him again so i rode her bus home with her again and that time it was so crowded and me and my friends was in the same seat and i wanted in the middle and she was like no sit their so i did and he had to sit in the seat across from us and they only hold 3 ppl well it already had 3 ppl in it so he was really close to me and i was like OMG im gonna die and my friend was like ill ask him out for you then he looked at me my other friend told me well i just could not stop thinking about me so my friends mom was friends with his mom and she knew his number and my friend called and asked him mom if he had a girlfriend and to my luck he didn't so i was so happy and i also found out how old he was and when his b-day was and what grade he was in well the next day at school my friend went over their to talk to him or so she said thats all she would do when she came back over to me she told me me asked him out and i threw my books at her i was so embarrassed because he was looking and she told me he said he would think about going out with me and at that moment i was so hurt because no one has ever said that to me before but its not like he said no but at that time i was shocked because im not ugly so i didn't wanna feel stupid so i got my friend to act like he was going out with me and told my other friend to tell him never mind to late well i was sad all that day and i didn't ride my friends bus home so my other friend came home with me well she called our friend just to talk and i wasn't talking so it was just them to i was laying on my bed thinking why he didn't say yes and i heard my friend say his name and i was like what and she gave me the phone to talk to our friend and our friend said that he talked to her on the bus and he said he was gonna say yes but i already had a boyfriend and he asked if i was mad and my friend told him no she isn't and she don't have a boyfriend anymore and he said that he wanted to talk to me the next day at school well i was so happy i fell off my bed the next day at school he came up to me and started talking to me i was so nervous and happy at the same time i couldn't really talk and i turned to my friend and i was like Oh my god and she laughed and later she left us and i was alone with me and i was like hold on and went after her and he came after me well we had to go to class and stuff so thats all we talked that day the next day at school he came to sit at my table with me in the morning and we was just sitting their and my friend was like so who is gonna make the first move and i was like i don't ask guys out i don't wanna look stupid again so he asked me out and i said yes that was like one of the best days of my life well we was going out about a month and stuff and he would stay after school with me and my friends and all of us would hang out well he invited me to his lil sisters b-day party at someplace and i went and my friends got to go 2 well they told him that i wasn't able to go we was gonna surprise him i went and got my makeup done and my hair and looked really pretty and i walked threw the door and i seen him and he was just looking at me then i went to him and hugged and met his family and his sisters and everyone and a lil bit later my friends and us went to this one lil store place and me and him was acting stupid and got on this horse thing u put money in to ride and it was so fun well a few other weeks went by and he was a senior and he told me he was going to New York but i didn't think anything of it so i was like ok then i started to fall in love with him and at that time we still didn't kiss or anything well one day we was at his house in his room and we was on his bed and he kissed me it was great it felt like one of those movie kisses that every girl wants by that time it was already April and graduation was in may i thought to my self ah i still have lost of time with him well time went by just like that and i couldn't stop thinking about how he was going to leave in may well one day someone started a rumor about him just going out with me before he leaves because he wanted a girl before he left so i was really upset and broke up with him a few days later i was still crying because i knew i made a mistake and i wanted him back every time i seen him in the hallway i would start to cry missing him i just wanted the pain to stop and we had a class next to each other and everyday i would wait for him to just stop and wait for me but he would just walk away until one day i was walking out of the room and i seen him waiting for me and he was like xxxxx do u wanna go back out and i didn't say anything i just jumped into his arms and hugged him and started to cry i really missed him well a few weeks went by and we was after school and i just started to cry and i kept walking away from him and he held me in his arms and let me cry on him he knew why i was crying it was because he was leaving we lived in Tennessee and he was moving all the way to Ny to go to college but i just did not understand why he couldn't go to the one that was in the next county by us why did he want to go so far away did he not care all that stuff well i kept thinking to my self i have to tell him i want him to stay but every time i tried i couldn't because i would just start to cry well the seniors got out a week early and i was gonna tell him on his last day at school with me but i couldn't i just couldn't we was standing on the wall by my class and the bell rang for the seniors to leave and he said well i gotta go now i love you and i started to tear up i tried to be happy for him and not make him be sad because me so i was like u 2 and ran into the class room and started balling because i thought that was the last time i would see him it was so hard that last week of school without him because at our breaks he was the only one i walked with and hung out with and i was all alone i didn't talk to anyone i just remembered the good and bad times with him like all the times he would sit on me and tickle me knowing that i HATED! it so bad well finally it was my last day of school and i went to his graduation and stuff and he took me out on a date and we had pics made then we went back to his house and spent some time together i still wanted to tell him not to go because i didn't wanna be without him i just couldn't handle it but i started to tear well it was dark and he took me home and stuff and ill never forget that look in his eyes the last time i seen he is In Ny like a billion miles away from me and i cry every night because i miss him and every time i have wishes i always wish that he would come back here to me.....yes we are still together he calls me every night but people if u have something you wanna say to the one you love just don't wait until its to late like i did because if i told him how i felt he would be here with me now and i wouldn't be going threw this pain


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