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Uptight Dad

We met in my 9th grade lang. Art class. It wasnt my fav. subject but i tryed my best in every class. I was a girl many would have called a nerd who did what she was told and was a teacher suckup. He was the guy many called a class clown and hated the teachers. One day I heard him and his friend talking about a game called WoW. So I got in that converstion w/ them. the next few days thats what we talked about and I made a char. on his world (aka if u dont have a clue what im talking about WoW = world of warcraft fun game if u guys want to try). He would always defend me around his friends and he was really sweet thats when I started falling for him. It was a saturday night and we were chating on WoW and he asked me out. He was really shy about it i was his first girlfriend and he was my first boyfriend. It was hard b/c my dad hated him and i couldnt talk to him and see him. I still found ways around that. i seen him in skool and stuff but i missed him dearly. In his eyes im the most beautiful thing that happened to him and he Loves me soo much. I Love him w/ all my heart someday i hope i can see him outside of skool. He was my first kiss my first bf and my first love of my life i really hope it lasts.All of u pray my Dad will lossen up just a bit so i can at least talk to him.


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