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Start a band together

At school I talked too much. So the teacher moved me up to the front with the "bad kids." I really didnt want to go but i had no other choice. So then the teacher moved this guy i thought was really weird in back of me. Im like oh no! Then when i met him i hated him so much. I even wrote all over my book cover hat i didnt like him. Then we talked for a little bit. Then it became clear that he was really cool. He played the gutiar and i played drums. We wanted to start a band together. So i gave him my cell number and he gave me his cell number. And then i wasnt expecting this but he texted me! (i didnt even like him then) He said that he broke his leg. I read the text message. It was early so i thought that it said something else. But whenever he was in the same class with him. I would flirt like...alot. But i got really lucky when my bestfriend had the same first hour as him. So what i would do is go in there and talk to her for 5 mins and he would sit and watch me cuz he had nothing else to do. He would bring me breakfast everyday too! We arent going out but i would like to. He calls me sometimes and we text all the time. We are taking the same electives and school is gonna start back pretty soon. So that was my love story.


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