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Our song

I'm Driving Myself Insane - Martin Kember
"best of friends for years,
closer than you can imagine
talk to each other daily,
i don't know just when it happened.
if only i could tell you how i feel inside.
oh boy, you've got me,
losing sleep i'm thinking,
'can't imagine how i feels to see you riding around
with the wrong girl.
tell me how do i take her place?"

this is our song. we started off the year hardly even knowing one another until we started talking in english and then he asked me for my msn address.

at the time i had a boyfriend. it was an unstable relationship. we hooked up when we only knew each other for less than a week and had a slight crush. we both knew it wouldn't last, we were just living for the moment i guess.

so, we talked on msn and we found that we had a lot of things in common. then we started discussing the problems we had with our love lives. he was going after a girl in our maths class and i was facing insecurities with my boyfriend at the time. one night he came on msn, completely depressed and shattered because the girl he liked rejected him. to cheer him up, i organised a day to go out and talk over our problems.

3rd of march.
from that day on we came best friends. we would go out together after school and spend a lot of time together and talk every night on msn. however, problems with my boyfriend were getting worse and he just always seemed to be there for me. he was always there giving me hugs and cheering me up with words of encouragement. at school people would always question if we were dating and after a while, i couldn't help but feel something there, but i didn't want to risk the friendship so i kept slient.

26th of may
i offically broke up with my boyfriend. i have completely lost feelings for him and those feelings had transferred to my best friend.

20th June
we were still best friends but this night things were completely different. we started holding hands and holding one another like couples do. i swear i felt something there, but i really didn't want to risk the friendship. the next night he started talking to me about another girl. he was telling me how he was going to ask her out and make it all fancy. reading those words popping up on msn window broke my heart. i felt so played, but he was my best friend so i played along. a few days after he told me he had something he really wanted to tell me. he said i probably wouldn't want to hear it, but it would make him feel a lot better when he told me. i was so scared. i was scared that he knew i liked him and he would say we could only stay best friends.

24th June
we didn't have school so we planned a day to go out so he could tell me what he really wanted to tell me.
he told me, his liked me even before the 3rd of march, but to save the friendship he didn't confess, but after the 20th, he was sure that he liked me.

long story huh?
bahahaha took us a long time to get to the point but yeah, it was worth the wait.
patience is the key i guess :D


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