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Never be another girl like her

A year or two ago a new girl came to my school and I immediatly took interest in her. She was beautiful and smart. I got major butterflies in my stomach when ever I was around her. I started talking to her one day during lunch and she said it would be cool to hang out. Over the next couple of weeks we became really good friends, so by then I decided to make a move. I told I liked her a lot and she told me that she liked me. Everytime we were together we smileed at each other and sat together. We started sitting in the same seat on the bus. We got close to kissing several times, but she always held back. The end of the school year came and we never contacted each other over the summer. When we came back the next she hated me. I had no idea what happened. She suddenly liked this other guy and left heartbroken. There will never be another girl like her. :(


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