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First and forever true love

Together forever

My name is J and my bf's name is E and we are both 14, we have been going out for three years going on four years. I met him in Sept 2005 at his 12 birthday party (I was 11 at the time but my birthday was coming up in Nov), I didn't see him first but he saw me on the spot.He came up to me and said hi, At the time I was angry at something else that I didn't say hi back, instead I started to cry. My mom introduced me to him and said that I was in a bad mood right now. He had gotten the picture and walked away while my mom took me inside his house. All through the party I was mad and upset. well I did talked to him for a brief moment, but thats about it. At that time I had low self esteem issues so I didn't really think he was into me. After that I didn't see him for about four months, I had forgotten all about him, until Feb 2006 at the movies. My mom told me that her friend wanted to go and her son, well of course she'd say yes so I thought I was going to go through hell with another one of her friends with kids (I'm not good with making friends with their kids lol). So I said yes. At the movie theaters, we sat in the back while we waited for them to come. My mom got up and said to me that she was going to get them and told me to wait right here until she got back. I waited and looked back at the door were the entrance/exit was. Then I looked back one more time and I saw all three of them but I looked at him the most. It was love at first sight for the both of us again because we saw each other before and liked each other really much but we both didn't know it then. Let me give a brief description of how the way he looks (he has gorgeous dark brown eyes, black silky hair, and his skin beautifully light). They sat down in the other seats, of course he sat next to me so he and I were nervous. I was very surprise when I saw him again because I thought I wouldn't see him no more. All through the show he looked at me without noticing the movie, that made me really nervous. After that we all went outside, my mom and his step mom were talking for a while before we all had to go. He looked at me for a long time and I did the same. We all said bye and headed for our cars, I looked back and saw him looking back at me. From then on I knew he liked me back. When we got each others phone numbers from our moms we started talking. Then in march on a Friday night while on the phone talking to him, he ask me to be his gf. I freaked out big time lol. eventually I said yes. We have been together ever since and love each other so much. We don't see each other often, only on special occasions (that makes me really mad and him too). But other than that we talk mostly ever day. When him and I turn 16, he is going to come over my house more often to pick me up in his car. When we turn 20, were getting MARRIED. I know we are going to be together for a long time, he knows it and I know it. For other people out their that are lonely like I was and want somebody, just pray like I did and God will send you down an angel from heaven. He is my first and forever true love.

<3 J <3


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