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My story is unbelievable. I'm 20 years old. 13 years ago, yes I was 7 years old, I met one, as I understood later, very special person. We were growing up together and I never thought that he was in love with me. He always helped me, he was always around, when I was happy, when I was hurt. He was like my best friend. He was worrying about me, he thought that I wouldn't like to be his girlfriend, so he decided to find someone who would always be around, someone who deserved to be beside me. Averytime someone hurted me, he felt my pain, he was always the first one who came to me. He helped me to get through. Than it became unbearably for him to see me with another guy and he decided to move to another country. Now he is in Italy and I'm in Ukraine.
What is important, half a year ago I thought: "Oh, my God! He was the One. I got to wait for him." We didn't see each other for 4 years. Mounth ago he found me, of course with the help of Internet. Than he phoned me. He said that he still loved me, that he was thinking about me, that he was dreaming about me for 13 years! Can you imagine this? 13 years! He said: " You know some people dream to get a star from the sky, they know that they will never get it, but still they drem about it. You're that kind of dreams." He said that I was his star.
He is so far away, but still he is the one who wakes me up every morning. He's the one who's wishing me good night every night. I can't wait, I need him now more than ever.
So all I can do is to wait. He's very special, I know what I mean to him, he will never hurt me, he will do everything for me. He is just like not real. He says everything I was dreaming about. He is just like my perfect! Can't wait to meet with him... I am sure he is the one....


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