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The only thing

You are the only thing...

I've been punched
I've been kicked
I've been stung by insects
I've been bitten by animals
I've been knocked cold
I've hit the ground... tile, grass, snow, concrete, and asphalt...
I've cut my hands, my feet, my legs, my arms, my face...
I've fallen from a moving vehicle
I've fallen off the back of a horse
I've fallen onto sharp cactus, broken glass, rusted nails...
I've broken bone
I've been hospitalized
I've been so ill that I couldn't move for days
I've been poisoned
I've been told I would never amount to anything
I've lost friends to drugs and violence
I've lost friends to collision
I've lost friends to my own error and to theirs
I've been in trouble with the law
I've been in trouble with family
I've been at the wrong place at the wrong time
I've been guilty
I've been lonely
I've been sad
I've been depressed...

but you...
You are the only thing... that will ever hurt me.


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