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7 years later

I turn the corner into the main hallway, and my eyes automatically meet with yours. The gaze is so intense that it burns, but I can't look away. I swear that I can see the sparks flying. You smirk and put your arms around her, and lean in and give her a soft teasing kiss, never taking your eyes off of mine. You're punishing me...knowing that I can't look away. Knowing that I'm captivated, even though it kills me inside. Knowing that I wish I were her. You're punishing me by breaking my heart, just like I broke yours when I told you that I could never like you those many years ago. Well, I was right about that. I could never like you because I fell head over heels in love from the moment I laid eyes on you in seventh grade pre-algebra. And trust me, I've tried so hard to get over you, [you went out with my best friend for crying out loud!] but something keeps pulling me back. 7 years later, and I'm still hooked on you. It has always been and it will always be you.
Love, B


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