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Nothing can keep up apart

I met my best friend last year and I've loved him ever since, I was affectionate, caring and loving, I always showed it,I was nervous and even scared because I didn't know if he felt the same way.He kept on acting wierd around me, like I was invisible, like he didn't know me. It hurt me so much, I didn't know what I was doing wrong, I never did anything to hurt him, nothing at all I almost have up but my heart didn't let me.
Then when we were sitting by his house he told me a secret that he kept for so long, a secret that calmed my sorrows. After kepping it in for about a year, he finally told me that he liked me, and that he didn't want anyone to know. Now that I finally knew why he was avoiding me, and now I am happy once again.
He and I are now dating, and I'm happier than ever, I don't care if I am fifteen and he is fourteen, he is all heart. Now when we hug, I remember the day we first met, and when we kiss, our hearts are joined forever and nothing, I mean nothing can keep us apart.<3 - KaitieLynn


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