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well.. it all started in november i was bored one night and had no one online so i decided to do into this chat room..
and since its very common almost every guy wanted to talk about sex and things i really didnt care to talk about i really wasnt payin any attention to anybody so then out of no where this guy started to taklk to me and i was suprosed he wasnt asking if i had a web cam or wanted to have phone sex so i started talking with him he was the only decent person trying to talk to me. we realized we lived in the same town so we exchanged msn and started talking. well we finishead at about 5 am.. and said that we wolud continue later that samen night. this went on for about 3 weeks . and before i knew i was sprung!! i mean he had everythin i ever wanted out of someone smarte funny studied worked very respectful.. he was great! so anyway he asked me out ..and every time this happended i woul say no..but not because i didnt want to meet him but because i was afraid that i wasnt gonna be what he he kept insistin and insistin for about 6 months.. finally one night i decided that i had to meet him so we decided we would go see a documentary about kurt cobain ..we had the same intrest in music. um...well i got off the subway and saw him i was soo scared i mean there he was and there i was i was so odd...but soo romantic! anyways we started talking i wasnt soo scared anymore. we went into the theater and while we wre watchin the movie he held my hand! and etcetc...well to the point..we have been seeing each other for about a month now.. and i can tell he really loves me but im just not sure if hes really what i want.. everyone says that i should give him a chance but im still just too scared!.....and my dad pretty much everyone in my family doesnt want me to see anyone because they say that ill get distracted and ill forget about my priorities(college).. but hes just soo sweet.. and ... im just soo scared and what i love most about him is that hes no pressuring me to do anything.. and ii just want to be happy....and i want to be happy with him ...


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