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Always love you

It happened so fast. I saw him he saw me it was an instant atttraction. I got his number so i texted him. we got to talkin he asked me if i would ever go out with him and i said i dont know why are you askin me this? he said jus wondering. His friend texted me and said my friend really likes you do you like him i said yes..we talked late in the night he told me how much he liked me i did the same. then he asked me out i said i dont no we jus met... he said thts ok think bout it i said i was a week later tht i gave him my answer i said yes... i was at school i saw him i was to nervous to talk to him in person so i talked to him in txt..i ignored him all day tht day cuz i was scared... at the end of the school day he txted me and said were goin out rite i said yea so he said then how come u ignored me i said i dont no i couldnt tell him i was scared..later tht nite we talked late. the next mornin he txted me he said are u goin to talk to me today? i said yes. i got to school and went rite up to him. we broke up for like a minute ;)... i loved him with all my heart and never wanted him to leave me.... i went to a party with him thts when we had our first kiss :) it was the best kiss i ever had :) it jus felt rite. he walked me home and we kissed goodnight :).. we didnt kiss till the last day of school and if i knew tht was goin to be our last kiss i would have done it longer :(. the next day he txt me and says do u think we will last i say i dont no (i shouldnt of said tht:() he said do u love me i said yea...maaybe...idk (i shouldnt have said tht) then the worst part.. do u want to break up with me he said i jus think we should see other ppl... i said so u are :(.. i guess he said.. im sry i didnt want to he said... i cried for the first time for a guy.. he said i still love u i said if u really loved me u wouldnt have done tht he said i jus dont want a girlfriend over the summer.. i said yea wat ever... we talked for a lil bit then we stopped... i never hurt this much in my life usually i get over guys fast but him i jus cant :(. i miss talkin to him late at night and kissin him and touchin him i miss lookin in his eyes and knowin we were goin to last :( but i guess not :(.
i jus want to say i love you and always will :(


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