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For Tomorrow's Never Promised (Song Lyrics)

For Tomorrow's Never Promised (Song Lyrics)

I was really moved by the story titled Tomorrow is never Promised and I wrote a song...

I took some poetic license and turned it into a more fictional tale... and its sad... so tell him. I don't want this to be a true story. :)

For Tomorrow is never promised

She was sweet and she was young
He was courageous and he was strong
She loved a soldier brave
Secretly it was her he craved

Each day they shared a glance
In his eyes she saw the chance
to share the love of a thousand loves
immortal only in the stars above


What a demon of fear she faced inside
the deathly fear of love denied
with a stolen kiss her love she gives,
to the soldier in who's heart she lives

This woman of virtue did know so true
that tomorrow's never promised to you
so that fateful chance she decided to take,
her passionate love could no longer wait


The next morning before the did sun rise
she ran to find her lover's eyes
in a lurid glance she saw a ghostly face
it was there she realized that she was too late

He was courageous and he was strong
He live the life of a solider, young
in the eve a battle he was struck and died
forever now the two lovers denied


(Chorus) For Tomorrow's never promised, no Tomorrow's never promised...
live each day full of love and life
for tomorrow you may be denied.

Whoever wrote that... if you want to hear the song I would gladly record it and send it to you... don't want to leave the chords and melody here though... gotta protect whats mine. :)


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