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Hot Mingo Summer, Chapter I

Chapter I

Driving to a meeting, to meet with contractors, my water pump on my 97 Honda Civic burst. In a panic, I call the project foreman D, to see if he could come pick me up from the gas station, not to far from where we were meeting. I've always admired D from afar. Mama told me, that sometimes this is the best type of love, before ever actually dating. D pulls up, packing all of his manly amenities, including the man truck.

On the way, I wondered why I was so nervous and he seemed to be as well. I just chalked it up to, I like him and he like s me, but because we frequently work together, we couldn't possibly have a lasting relationship.

So I never pursued it.

Two years later, he was on the floor I work in, just visiting another employee. When I saw him, I grinned from ear-to-ear. I guess I was still smitten with him.

When in went in my office, I mentioned to my co-worker, D looks nice in his jeans and timberland boots. You see, on Friday, we're allowed to come to work casual, and he definitely took the s in casual and made it sexy.

My co-worker was about to get married, so I guess love was on her brain, so unknowingly, she told him what I said, but she claimed she didn't tell him who it was that paid him the compliment. Now, he started interrogating her by e-mail for the name, and asking all sorts of questions about his mysterious admirer, to see if he could figure it out. Like what's her age range, etc.

She buzzed my on the phone, telling me all of his questions, and I just laughed, because it was cute to see a man wonder. They are mostly the aggressor when pursuing women. All of this showed me too, that he was hopelessly romantic, like characters on "a message in a bottle", "bed of roses", "diary of a mad black women", and "you've got mail". So she says, what should I tell him? I said, tell him she's a lady.
I also told her, let him sweat a little more, because stand behind old fashion principles when it comes to a mate, and told her the bible says, when a man finds a women, he has found a "good" thing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008, V, my co-worker, who is now married, calls me and said, I just met with D. He told me to ask his mystery person, did he and I have an unofficial date at a gas station. I chuckled so hard and said busted. She must have immediately called or e-mailed him, because within a few minutes, he was calling my office line.

You see a few days ago, when he called me for business, he told me I had such a sexy voice, and that I should do voice over for pay. This kind of talk coming from him was a shocker, because he quite spirited person, laid back, and didn't really smile much, but he had all the amenities a girl would want in a man. I knew then, he was on to me, but I still wanted him, being a man, to make the first move.

He says, this is D. I'm not calling on business, it's personal. I would like to know if I could take you out sometimes? I fumbled with my words, and finally said that would be nice. He says, what about Friday? Not trying to seem too anxious, I said, let me see, because I'm supposed to have my grandson with me this weekend. He quickly replied, bring him with you. I said to my self, damn. Haven't seen one of these in a long-time. I told him, I’d call you on Thursday, if I can make it.

I didn't call him back until Thursday night, and told him, I could go out with him, and we could meet around 8'ish. We made plans to go to a place called Aruba Beach Cafe, on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, in Florida, which was ten minutes from my house. Every time I passed Aruba Beach, it looked like lost of fun, as I cruise pass it in my Civic.

Friday, when I arrived home, I noticed he called. I star 69ed him around 6:30. I said, I noticed you called. He said, are we still on for tonight? I guess he, like me, was anticipating spending time with each other. I said yes, you could pick me up around 8 or 8:30. He said I’d call you when I'm leaving the house. Home is in Miami for him, about a 35-minute drive to my house.

When he hung up, I quickly began getting ready and fixing small things downstairs in my town home. My place is really neat, and has that old world Tuscan feeling. It's very romantic, sexy, super clean, and smells like the pier 1 candle section. This trait was something I picked up from my mother. Mama use to say, when you entertain a man, do it in style, and with class. Some men still like a women with class and some sense.

The phone rang, and it was D calling to tell me he's leaving now, and asked for directions. I really began to put a rush on preparing myself, and ran out to the Walgreen’s down the streets, because I needed a stronger deodorant. Came back and finished up. I noticed it took him longer than he anticipated, and I said to myself, he's stopping by Publix or Walgreen’s to pick-up some flowers. He just struck me as that type of person. A pure man.

When I buzzed him in through the gate, I was finished, and went downstairs, but made sure I kept the Charlie Wilson CD playing upstairs, so he could slightly hear romantic tunes coming from my love nest.

I opened the door to receive him, and from behind his back, he whipped out a bouquet of flowers. I smile, because I was right on the money. This made my interest even greater, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek softly, and said what a sexy voice, bedroom eyes, and bright smile, thanks.

While tidying up earlier, I threw out dead flowers and washed the glass vase. He said, I see you have the right thing for these, meaning the flowers, as he leaned on the kitchen counter.

D was looking mature, but hip and stylish, with jeans and a linen shirt. I put the flowers in the vase, and asked if it was ok if I wore a pair of lower sandals, since he had on casual shoes. My cotton dress, which was girlie and sexy, needed tying in the back, and the gold heart chain on my neck needed clamping, so I asked him to finish getting me dressed. I said in my mind, he might as well get use to it, because this good brother was going to be mine. When his hands touched my skin, everything just felt so normal, and so right. I knew I was in for a treat.

(Stay tuned for the Date)


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