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Well, our love life started all online. We live 6-7 hours drives away. The first time I met him was on AYA and we started to chat...of course I thought he was a I didn't really believed him when he said he loves me and so. So I started to ignore him and he told me to block him so I did except on yahoo messenger, coz I didn't know how to block on that ... and soon after 2 days I realized I've fallen for him coz I keep thinking about him all day and nightx..after 2 months of knowing and talking to each other, we officially became a couple but the problem was to see each was hard for me to go to him coz of my parents. I had to try so much to get my dad to take to him..and in the end my dad took me coz I did something bad =/ so we met there for the first time and we broke up coz we thought things didn't work out =/ but I was so hurt and so was he..he was in tears when I cried my heart dad saw it and he asked him to go out with us the next day and we gave it a chance ^^ and things turned out great from than :D than next year he came to me ^^ and now we've been together for one year now ^^ and we see each other about once a year =/ but I know we're meant to be since we overcome all these obstacles together ^^.. I love you sweet heart <33333333333 I'll always be your wifey <3


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