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Two girls

There was girl nelly that i havin seen since 5th grade. So i went to go see her. So when i got there she was with a bestfriend maribel. Remember me and nelly are just friends. So i went to her house and her mom was there. So we just went up to her room. Her mom knew so thats why she trusted me up there. So nelly goes to the bathroom and its just me and maribel. So she is just textin, and i ask her who are you text and she said who are you textin and she said my friend. So i said text me, so she gave me her number. Then nelly comes back in the room. Then her mom goes to the store. So its just us threee in the house. When she leaves we go out side cause it was kinda hot. So we go outside and maribel gets a phone call so she goes in the house. So its just me and nelly outside. She looked cold so i held her to warm her up.hen we look at each other in the eyes and we slowly start kissing. then we went back in the house. Then nelly gets a call and goes up stairs. So its just me and maribel so we start talkin and she dont know we just kissed. So i was just makin small talk wit her. Then she had to leave. then right when she left i left. So wen i get home i call her up. then we talk all night. So we talked for 3 months. By then i had told her i kissed her bestfriend and nelly got over it. 3 1/2 months later im goin out wit her. Now we are married ask i speak.


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