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Killer abs

Well I dont really know if he loved me back, but I'm pretty sure I loved him. We met in Dominican, when I was on vacation with my family. I met him at the soccer court, him and his brown eyes.

His name is Daniel, He is 2 years older than I am. He was incredible at soccer and I love soccer. That was one of the main reasons I feel for his so fast. He was just so sweet and I loved the way he said my name. He is from Germany, quite aways from where I live.

I really don't know why I am writing this, I currently have a boyfriend. Well sort of we are somewhere inbetween together. I don't know if I love him or not he loves me though, I know this. It's just hard to love him when my heart is somewhere else. Lost in Germany.

I told myself in Dominican I would have to stop loving him but it was too hard, everytime I would see him he would say Olla and my heart would sink. He was perfect and I mean perfect. He had gorgeous brown eyes and killer abs.

Jeeze, I miss Domincian there is still a part of me there. I just hope the more I get to know my current boyfriend the more I can let go of Daniel. It's been 3 months and I'm still holding on.

I just had to tell someone,
it was killing me.

-hopelessly devoted


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