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He loves me

Well i met a guy my freshmen year when i was 15 and he was 3 years older then me.we started talking and seeing each other for 5 months then i decided to have my first time with him because i felt he was the one.when i told him, he was shocked that i choose him and of course was looking foward to it .But the same day i lost it to him he told me he was moving.i was sad and mad because he was leaving and mader because he told me after we had done it.We stopped talking after that day and we said our goodbyes then a week later i found out by a friend of he's that he never left and got back with he's ex and i was pretty devestated.i called him to clear things up but he never returned my calls.i soon gave up and another 6 months later i randomly called him on hes birthday.that day we spoke and he admitted to me that what he did was a mistake and that he had grown and realized how stupid he was.he apologized and told me i was a great girl who didnt deserve that.Since that day he felt the need to call me everyday and soon we bacame very close again and i got to really know him and i slowly started to fall for him again and soon we started having converstations about him being confused about me and scared because he was having these feelings for me.This took time to convey but i could tell he was scared to love me in the way he spoke and tried to express himself.We were also making love during this time.since he's birthday we continue talking never running out of things to say i was always there for him when he needed me.i love him but confused because i dont know if he feels the same.he sometimes shows signs that he is then that he isnt.In the end he broke up with he's girlfriend who he had been with for 4 years and seriously thought about being with me ,except for the fact that i have some really bad habits so right now were both still lovers and friends and he's still deciding what he wants.Im a Senior now and we continue to talk and he continues to be the only person that knows me best.He's now in base training but will soon come back home.i doubt he doesnt love me,After everything we've been through who wouldnt?


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