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Perfect man

To the man who made my dreams come true...

You were perfect.
You will always be. I loved you, but you didn't have the patience to see the good in me.

I pushed you away like a fool.
You were a dream come true.
A saying that comes through,
"Too good to be true."
You were and still are.
The one that carries my love
My shining star.

I never have experienced the feelings I felt for you.
I can't even begin to explain how or why.
But now that you deny being a part of me...
The "loss of you," makes me die inside.

I have met several wonderful people
but never felt what I did for you
You are my shining star
I would do anything for you

With regret, I didn't show you what you meant then.
But if you gave me one more chance
You'll see that "True Love," never ends.

I am a true person
A heart of gold
I would do anything for anyone at anytime
I just wish you'd see that sweet part of me.

At the time you meant me
Too many tales of being taken advantage of to be told
I was too scared to be hurt just once again

Never knew when I meet you
The search of the perfect man would end

You'll never read this
You'll never know who this is
I wish you were a part of my life
Because I love you

You have a wrong impression of me
I have everything I want in my life
Except for the one I love to love me

I will love you forever

No matter who I end up with
You will always be the one holding my heart
You will always be the one who was meant for me.

I will always love you until the end of time
I just wish that tonight I could fall asleep
Knowing that I was yours and you were mine.

I love you. I fell instantly in love with you. I just wish you knew it. I am sorry for what happened between us, but please know what you felt from me what real and true. Please know that what I felt for you then and what I will always feel for you. I love you and I hope you are happy with whatever you are doing.


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