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Then he kissed me

I walk down the hallway gasping for air,butterflies gathering in me and my face as red as a delicate rose.I was rushing to my french class in the other wing of the building.I was almost there when my crush Anthony stops in front of me,I frose!Then Anthony says "Did you study for the quiz?" but i wasnt listening i was so caught up staring in his crystal blue eyes and the way his blond hair curled at his neck i think i might have said "your hot!"Then all of the sudden he asks, "Are you o.k?"with big beautiful eyes,i felt my face get hot and i hated it when i did that because it always gave me away,i might of even said,Duh!!the next thing i knew he was grabed my hand and took me around the corner of the building i tryed so hard not to bump into him when he stoped.....

Then he Kissed me!!!His lips were soft as he lightly presses me close to him.I felt i might have died and went to heaven because he made my heart quickin.He made me feel deserate like i wanted more, I just really liked him, I was beginning to fell vary attracted to him.I leaned my head backwards as the bell rang. when we were done kissing he grabed my shoulders and looked at me and said,"you do not know how long I wanted to hold you in my arms."Then I stutered softly,"Me too."then we started making out again for a seacond and went back to class hand and hand!

this is my love story!


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