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Happy 26th monthsary !

The story of US began way back in the day. 1996 to be exact, more than 10 years ago. We were in the 6th grade. I met him when I was dropping by their classroom to meet my best friend, Jenny Lou. We belonged to different sections and when I visited her, she introduced me to her friends as well. In fact, I took the liberty of circulating the room making friends with everyone and I noticed this boy. Sitting on quietly on his seat. Writing I think. I asked him what was his name and he said "Jerico". I said my name was "Dulce". After that I hurried back to my own classroom because it was almost time. Several days after that fateful day, I began to receive letters that professed love and romance, which was very odd and awkward because I knew nothing about love. It signed "Jerico" at the end. I had several talks with him telling him to stop sending these messages however he persisted. I just ignored him and thought about other more important matters like school. Come 1997, who would've thought we'd be in the same section. It was just my luck I told myself. I got separated from the group of people i was accustomed to and if things couldn't get any worse, i end up with the same section with him. my most dreaded person, or so it seems. the several months we were together in class i noticed how he truly was. a gentleman. generous. not the stalker/deranged lunatic-guy i feared. he was a boy in love. and i began to fall for him as well. when everything seemed to be perfect, my fears got the best of me. i feared rejection from my family because we were too young and i was the youngest (not to mention only girl) in the family. i feared for my diligence in my studies to decrease. thats why i opted for us to separate. he pleaded with me however i declined. it was to protect the both of us. we spent our lives apart, most part of our highschool life. even if we were in the same highschool, i saw less and less of him until i never saw him again. i never accepted letters from him again. i never saw him look through the glass windows to look for me. i missed him . and i was too proud, too ashamed and too broken to admit it. i used up all of this energy for school and getting ready for college. i took up nursing away from my hometown to forget a lot of bad memories and to concentrate on school. i was able to do so. with flying colors. and then i began to notice my other friends. who were happy. who were in love. "i was once in love too" i said. i grew weary. lonely even. of that love that got away. the love i was forced to let go. i searched him through a friend network in the internet and found him. after 7 years of not talking or seeing each other. i was so glad to have found him again. however, my joy as swiftly as it came, quickly turned to sadness because he was going steady with another girl. for 3 years. i couldnt beat that. thats why i let go of the feeling again. he became a part of my friend network no more than that. eventually i became attached with another guy but i couldnt necessarily call him boyfriend material. it was an infatuation that lasted for several weeks as well. until one day in 2005, i was chatting with another friend when someone sent me a message. asking me how i was doing. it was from someone i didnt know. it just said jerico. i reiterated the name over and over again to myself and realized that it was him. and i also remembered that he was attached with someone and i became as civil as possible and as unattached as much as i can. constantly asking how the relationship was etc. we consoled each other with our problems. and he understood me. at that time i mentioned to him that i was leaving for the states for good. and he wanted to see me before i left he said. i said sure for old times sake. so we did meet. february 2006. a decade has past since we last saw each other and actually spoke in person. somewhere in old manila. before his class. he came in the restaurant. i didnt recognize him at first. but when i realized that it was him, i was happy to see him. a friend of mine accompanied me and she asked about the story of US. i gave him a nudge on the shoulder and told him to tell. and he did. we were sitting side by side. and while he was telling the story i was fine. until he held my hand underneath the table. the whole entire time we were together. i heart skipped beats. i was blushing red. that night i asked him what this meant. he said, why dont we give it another shot? he was no longer with his gf for 3 years. he was now single. i didnt want to be unfair because i was leaving. but then again i said, i didnt want to be unfair with both of our hearts as well so i said yes. he courted me again. he visited me at the house often. he made his intentions known to my parents. 18 february 2006, i said i love you back. and he couldnt believe it at first because i was whispering. we hid our love from the prying eyes of my mother because she disapproved of it which is a whole other story. until she learned about it as well and she is slowly accepting this fact. now that we're together, we fondly spend our days reminiscing how much of an ice queen i was, according to him. how much of a stalker he was. and we laugh about it a lot. and some 25 months later from 18 feb 2006 (going 26 soom in a couple of days), our relationship has been a roller coaster of emotions, events and tribulation, we're still together. stronger than ever. im thankful that i didnt let go of you again. from that boy, quiet on his seat to my soon-to-be husband, i love you so much. and i cant wait to spend the rest of my days with you as my hubby. advance happy 26th monthsary! :)


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