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True love

me and this amazing person have been going out for almost 1 year a lot of people in our both families say its not goign to last some people say its realy cute and ignore the ones who hate. They say its not going to last cus we r both born in 1993 with 3 moths of diference im older than her but love doesnt choose love and that saying is realy true cus i cant live with out her i go to sleep thinking of her i dream of her i wake up thinking of her and i day dream of her all day long and she just cant get out of my head she is every where in the 4 walls of the room she is the one for me we both have our ups and downs in the real relationship but no real relationship lives hapely forever and we both talk how wat will we do if we break i think we shouldnt worry about that because i doubt that it will ever happened because i think we both found true love...


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