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I met love

okay, this is about my bestfriend.

i love writing stories, love stories that have happy ending. i love writing stories and making my characters love life so inspiring. but frankly, i never experienced being in-love even once.

i'm just a typical gal. i live life as normal as possible. i was stuck with my books and have no time for my love-interest. as long as i have my allowance, i'll live! haha pretty funny but thats true.

i never imagined myself having a boyfriend. it'll kill me having someone holding my hand or kissing me... wah! i don't need a tail anyway.

this is my vision about love, pain in the ass. but not until i met him. my best friend. actually i was in grade four when i met him. he's cute, tall, dark... and i don't care. he's always there chasing me and keep on teasing me! he likes calling me "panget" (tagalog word for ugly)he likes making my day miserable.

but as time passes by, i started to like it. having him around completes my day and his teases enjoys me. it's really confusing.. do i like him? maybe not.. i hope not. actually he's the first person i shared about my crushes and even laugh at me coz i always get attracted to someone who's already committed. and anyway i don't really care if he'll have thousands of girlfriends! i'm just his friend, thats all. i'm just a kid, this is just an infatuation..but not until my cousin came to our town for vacation.

he got attracted to her. and so as she. now that's irritating. i don't get it... why am i so jealous! maybe i'm really are in-love... seeing them so sweet with each other hurts me so badly. especially when people around keeps on pushing her to my best friend. jealousy turns to anger when my cousin told me that she already got someone special (boyfriend) and thats my bestfriend! that makes me want to kick her ass out of our town, in such anger i can kill her!

i felt so much pain that i never felt before. i felt so broken. but when i heard that my cousin is about to leave the town. my heart jumped. wah! god is really good! i wanted to shout for joy but when i saw him so sad i felt ashamed of myself.

i never thought that i'll be so selfish. i never cared about him, i only cared about myself and my own happiness. seeing him so sad like that kills me, so as a friend i was the one who plan a date for them before she left. yah... it hurts, but i don't care, as long as he's happy that's okay. i won't take it from him even it'll kill me.

at that point i met 'love'... i knew how to love. i may be not the one he choses but i still loved him without expecting anything in return. ^_^love don't always have to be so happy ever after with your prince charming. love don't always about your crushes becoming your boyfriend. or something that will make your heart blow in so much happiness. but love is about caring, respecting and being contented even though it doesn't meant for you.


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