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This drives me insane

I can't forget it
I can't just shut it away
I know I shouldn't rush in
but I've just gotta let you know how I feel
passionate and intense in the flow of time
I want your heart, even if just for an instant.

Time stops, and even if I'm not with you
I'm alright, I try to be strong
but without you by my side, my heart aches
just wondering' if you feel the same
seriously, I just want to know if you feel the same
but don't be scared, just loosen the reins
to get freedom, let go... I'm tellin' you
the ego is the heart's terror...

Never could imagine life without
from the moment you walked into my world
never knew how long a loving flame would burn.
Every time i try to make a stand at all
i see your face again and i fall, because seeing you makes my heart skip a beat.

And all i know that this drives me insane.


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