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What he deserved

well heres how my story goes....

well it was the frist day of skool. and it was 2 years after my 1st true luv died. i thought i could neva luv agaain. but i did...

i walked in2 skool wit my besties. and all i thought about was him. dante was his name. and how we would walk on the beach now and then. and how he would tell me that he luved me. and how much he would sacrafice 4 me...

my frends always told me that i would fall inluv again jus now soon. but i didnt believe them. i would neva fall in luv again. then one day in algabra 11, my teacher told this boy 2 pull his pants up off his ass. and dis boy was always in my class since day 1.i jus neva noticed him. but from wat ever1 told me was dat he noticed me. i thought he was ugly as wat. but day by day, slowly, i start 2 like him. and well weve been goin off and on for about 5 months.

then we break up. but b4 dat we fell in luv. and i thought to my self i thought i would neva fall in luv again. but guess wat i did. althought i neva eva got ova dante. and even if i fell in luv wit him our luv neva was higher than my luv 4 dante and his luv 4 me.

day by day e start luving each other more and more. and wat do you know, i start feelin lik i luv him more dan dante. ubt yet i still cry night and day 4 dante 2 com bac. but my tears never do. but then i start thinking about him. and my troubles are gone.

then one day i make a mistake and listened 2 my frends. dey told me dat if i truly luved and if he truly luved me he would pass a test. so i told him dat i wanted to break up but i really didnt bt dat was part of the test. the point was for him 2 say da rigth thing wen i he found out dat i wanted 2 break up. but he didnt tell me wat i wanted 2 hear. instead he told me ok on a way of tone kinda saying "dats fine i didnt really even luv u any way'' tone. so i felt so wrong 2 listen 2 my frends but at the same time i thank them 4 telling me 2 put him in a test

we neva talked after dat. and day by day. ders not a day that i regret doing the test. i get even depressed and mean. and i loss my gaurd. and i loss my faith in myself. and becas of dat my athletic faith goes away. so i get kicked of of being da chear captain. then the next step was dat i got kicked off hte spuad completly. then i pic myself up and and faith, courage, and hope coms bac .and i hold my head up. then faster dan a heart beat im bac on all the teams i got off of.

one day da boy c's me wit my courage and faith bac. adn wat i saw in his eyes was that "he wanted me depressed" look. and i hated him 4 dat. but i 4gav him jus 4 me
and later dat year we go bac out.and wat do u knno i break up wit him cuz i was scared na didnt want 2 be hurt again.

and i went on wit my life. and you no wat it felt goo. and u kno wat he goes out wit my xbff well not bff but jus frend. so we fighyt. but u kno wati thought 2 myself in da suspention room, dat we fought 4 him. and i neva thought of that. cuz all i wanted 2 do was kill her.
but everthing worked out great.
she bcame my frend again adn he got mad and jelous of his own gurlfrend. jus bcuz shes got me and not him.
well i guess he got wat he deserved


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