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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

As everyone else is, I've been searching for my soulmate all my life! I met this guy, and sure enough I had feelings for him, as he returned the same feelings. I think it was more of a safe kind of love. He was a good man. One that wouldn't hurt me. But I alwayz felt that there was something missing from our relationship. But I alwayz pushed that feeling away. I eventually married him, but we don't have any children yet.
I think it was a month after we got married that I met this person. We were having a get together in our home at the time. A friend of ours bought her friend over. The instant that I looked into his eyes. I felt this chemistry, this passion, this desire. I seen in his eyes that he felt it too. We were talking throughout that whole night, through out our whole get together. It was like we'd known each other all our lives. But we had just met. I just felt so at home with him. I actually felt a little sad when the night ended and he had to go home. As we were giving hugs, saying goodnight, I shook his hand. The moment our hands touched, he looked deep in my eyes. I can't explain the feeling that passed through my body. Then I realized that this is what was missing from my marriage. The whole next week, I felt cranky, a little in the blue. I kept thinking of that night. And the feelings that came with it. I got out of the house every chance that I got, hoping I'd bump into this person.
Until another night, we went over to our friend's house, they invited us over. And there he was. Excitement ran through out my whole body. Again, we chatted like we were old friends. My husband noticed our connection. Later that night as we were driving home, my husband said that he thought it was nice that I found a friend of the opposite sex. A friend that I could talk to. I wasn't sure if I was glad or sad that he said this. Me and this person exchanged numbers, so we could talk. My husband didn't mind. He trusts me more than anything else.
I've been friends with him for five years now. We talked about what we're feeling. We both have the same feelings. I honestly believe that he's my soul mate. He hasn't gotten married yet, and he isn't involved with anyone romantically. He has asked me to be with him. He says that God meant for us to be together. But I am a traditional girl. And I cannot just leave my husband like that. For the past few years, I've felt trapped. Like I want to get out, but not wanting to. I've tried telling this man to get on with his life, and to not think about what we could have. He says he's still waiting for me. We are very good friends. No one has the slightest clue that we have this connection. I'm afraid that if he waits any longer, I'm gonna turn my back on my beliefs and leave my husband for my friend.


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