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Soul mate lead singer

I knew it was ment to be the first time I saw him. It was freshman year. I was sitting inside Burger King and he was sitting three tables away from me. We were both sitting alone. I was very shy and I really wanted to talk to him but I couldn't find it in myself to do it. We kept making eye contact and when our eyes met we both looked away at the same time. Soon after my friends had walked in. My friend knew both me and him.. He first walked up to me and started talking to me then he walked over to my lover and started talking to him. After he came back over I started asking him about my lover. I asked his name, and if he had said anything about me. He wouldn't tell me. I knew he had said something but my friend just wouldn't spill the beans. Well I left burger king and I had seen him only a few times after that. We never actually talked but we crossed paths a lot. Two years went by and there wasn't a day that passed that I didn't think about him and how I wish I would've talked to him that one day. Well a friend of mine from school would always talk about this guy. He always brought him up. He also always told me how he thought we would be a perfect match. He said we had all the same interests and we were both searching for someone to love and spend the rest of our lives with. Every time he would mention his name I felt like I had heard it before. Like I had met him.... Well a few months had gone by and I got invited to go to this concert. Well I went with a few of my girlfriends and we met up at my friends house. (The one who always brought up my lover) Well my friend called my lover and asked if he was going to the show.. He said yeah that he'd meet him there. At the time me and my lover didn't know eachother so he had no idea I was going to be there. The whole walk over to the concert my stomache was in knots. I was so nervious. I didn't know why.. When we got to the concert I went inside and sat down on the couch. Not even five minutes later my lover walks in and walks up on stage. He was the lead singer of a band that was playing that night. As soon as I saw him I knew he was the guy that I had seen at Burger king just two years before. It honestly felt like fait... Well I noticed he kept looking at me and I kept looking at him. I was sitting on the couch by myself. During his set I was standing front row and I just kept looking at him. After his band played we all went outside and I took the plunge.. I went up to him and started talking to him. We exchanged myspace URLS and we began talking about a bunch of things. His friends had asked if he was going back inside and he said "NO". His friends asked me the same thing and I told them no too. I wanted to stay outside and talk to him more. Well the end of the night approached and we eventually had to leave. Him and my friend and my girl friends all walked home together. My friend didn't live that far from my girlfriends. We hugged and said our goodbyes. The whole night I kept thinking about him and how much I wanted to get to know him. When I got home he had sent me a message on myspace and we began to talk. We exchanged numbers and began talking on the phone. We talked for hours. He invited me to a show that was two weeks away. That show was on 3-3-07.. The best day of my life. We got together that day and we've been together for 13 months now... It was DEFINITLY ment to be. We knew all the same people ever since we both were in elementry school and our same friends talked to us about eachother. I know we are soul mates. I'm gonna marry that boy some day. :)


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