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Hell's scorn

Iíve found the girl I need, the one who has always been in my dreams, though so far away
Plotting my escape to her as I lay, Try as I might, I canít find a wayÖ
As time goes by feelings subside, and love disdain
But refusing to say good-bye; prone to heartache and pain
My love never to be returned, abandoned to rot; left and forgot
No longer needed; no longer wanted, betrayed, lied to, and stabbed
Still pleading; and now taunted, away from me my heart was dragged
Bruised and broken; insides torn, I sit alone and I mourn
No more than a used Token, feeling hellís scorn, reaping the day I was born
I question if it was ever inevitable, wishing things had gone differently
I still love you; I always will, but I now see this is how it was meant to beÖ


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