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i've seen most beautiful girl i have ever laid eyes upon, she is more than perfect, everything i've ever wanted put into a single person. we belong together, the love we'd share would be unimginable, our untamed hearts would merge as one.
do you only exist in head? why can't you wake with me? you can't be a mere thought... i know you're real, and i swear i'll find you someday, no matter what it takes.
i catch a glimpse of your beauty as you walk past me. is this real? have i truly found you? today haas finally come, now i must have your heart as you have mine. we talk and we laugh just as in my dreams. you are as perfect as i knew you would be.
2 years have past and our love has grown so much, god has truly gifted me with this angel.
i'm sorry i upset you, it's a stormy night, don't go. the phone rings....but it's not you, it's a doctor. i rush down, "we don't think she'll make it" they say... why did you go? why did you leave me? i'm so sorry, it's all my fault


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