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Cousin love

My story still has no ends because I chose to. I was with her for almost four years that I was surprise that she would cheat on me with nonetheless than her first cousin. I still love her up to now even though she doesn't love me anymore. For the years that we have been together and when she had nothing, I was the only one there for her. I gave her everything that she had asked for. I financially help her through school, work, and even with her financial hardship. I supported her and tried to be the best I can even though my family and friends were telling me otherwise. Through the years when I tried to break up with her, the moment I saw her cry I couldn't go through with leaving her. I couldn't stand seeing her cry. She went for a vacation for a couple of weeks and when she came back she was different. I found out she got with her first cousin. She told me she didn't love me anymore; I ask if there was someone else she said no. My whole world crumbled. She was having a relationship with her cousin. I also found out her cousin kept telling her that I don't want her to be happy and that I don't care about her or her family. How can someone judge me without knowing that I was the one who took care of the person that he stole from me. That I was the one who gave her everything that they see in her. That when no one wanted to lend a helping hand when she was down, I was the only one there. That almost everything she had brought home for them came from me because I had to and I wanted her to look good to them. All the time she was there, I was crying here thinking about how she is, wanting to go home to see her. How I still love you, if you only knew how much....If I had not love you or your family I wouldn't be here for you until now. You just didn't see me you just saw yourself. You decided on your own and left me hanging when someone knew came along, someone who says he loves your family, of course he would say such a thing; you two are family, cousins in the first.
What you feel is blood the same blood flowing through your body; that you have with her through one family. How could you betray and lust after your own blood? How could you live a lie without letting your family know what your doing? How can you love a lie? How can you live knowing you are betraying not only me but your own family, the family you say you love and care for? How would they feel knowing the son they looked up to is the one who is lying to them.


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