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It was real

if you only knew....
how much i miss you.
i think about you everyday.
i dont cry and it doesnt hurt anymore.
but i remember still.
i remember everything.
i remember the way i felt when you said that i was the most beautiful girl youve ever seen.
i remember how we laughed at your stupid jokes that werent funny.. which made them funnier.
i remember your cute pirate voice.
and ill never forget the way you sang "loving you..."
and how we were best friends.

its true, you were my best friend.
you completed my heart. you completed my life.
i could have lost anything...
and it would have been alright with you beside me.
you were the only person i knew that made me feel ok when things were at their worst.
you never had to say anything special.
i just knew id be safe as long as i was with you.

i really did love everything about you.
how you were so mean sometimes....
how you made fun of me...
how you said i love you
how you were always your silly self.
.....even how unemotional u were at times.
i would have stood through anything u threw at me.
waiting for you to love me again.

i had so much faith in you....
and i know you had faith in me too...
i really believed i could do anything if you believed in me.
and you did.
you never wished me luck....ever.
because you said i didnt need it.
you knew id do well.
and i loved you so much for that.

some days go by and youre all i think about.
i usually dream about u then.
in my dreams you love me again.
you forgive me again.
you forget.
you hold me and kiss me.
make me feel whole again.
but i always have to wake up.

i still love you.
you are my first and last true love.
thats how this ends.
not exactly what we talked about huh?
we never got married.
we never made love.
we never held hands.
and im so sorry for that.
im sorry.
justknow that how i felt was pure... and true. and so deep.
it was real.


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