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Going to get married


It all started when we were in 6th grade. I had a huge crush on her but i was scared cuzz alot of gurls dont like other gurls so i laid back and it hurt me everytime she had a boyfriend. cuzz everytime she had a boyfriend she always kissed him and madeout. It hurt me but she was happy so i was too i guess. She always came to me for help. I never wanted to help her get another guy or try to get her to get away from one. But i want her happy.
In 7th grade she went out w/ a boy and i hate him. They went out for 9 months. and they went to the Spring Fling together. It hurt me to see the love of my life there w/ another person. So when school was out she always went to my house and i went to her rivirlot too. i told her that i loved her but she didnt care. She wouldnt tell me if she liked me. But the next day she was still going out w/ her boyfriend. So i cried all through the night. The next time she came to my house i asked her question about whut all she would do w/ me. She wouldnt give me an exact answer on them. I asked her if i was at least allowed to rub her back while we were laying in bed watchin T.V. She said i was allowed. and i asked her if it bothered her she said it didn't. Well about few months passed. She has never french kissed anybody and she wanted to kiss her boyfriend that way so i told her i would help her but able for me to help her and i would have to french kiss. Then she said that she didn't care cuzz she kind of likes me. (my started racing) Then i asked if she wasn't goin out w/ brandon if she would try and go out w/ a gurl (me). She said she would try if her boyfriend and her dont work out. And i asked her if she would try to french kiss me so i know how she starts. Well we tried to kiss but we were both shy and i wouldnt really go first cuzz i didnt know whut to do, where to put my hands and if she would actually kiss me. Well she held me close and kissed me then turned into a french kiss. We both were shocked and i went over and kissed her again then we started to makeout. We forgotton the her cusion was w/ us till she said eww!! then we jumped and said that i was helpin her french kiss. (her cusion is older than me and her)Then her and i kissed at bottom of my stars and her cusion said that she would laugh if my gram opened the door while we were kissing.(me and my love of my life)Right after her cusion said that the door opened and scared me and my gurl. In 8th grade we are still goin out but she said my adittude changed so she brk up w/ me and i cried for 3 hours and still was upset. She called me and said she was sorry for doing that and she asked me out i said yes automatically. i was happy and i didnt punch another locker or push anyone around or hurt anyone. and so far we are making plans of what our house is whut carear we want and we are having a son.(i will only adopt) Honestly we just did that today!!! (3-17-08). we are goint to get married when older and we caint go w/o eachother for more than one day or else we are depressed and sad and arent ourselves.


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