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Open your eyes baby

I had a friend named P and we've been friends since 7th grade[[we in 8th grade now]].Well she met her new cousin A over the summer of 07.Well 3 months later we started talking[[me nd andrew]].Nd it got serious so i told my mom i was going to the mall with friends...nd i did ...but i was going to meet him there too.Well we met on Dec.1,2007...nd yea all went well nd then we kissed.P found out nd started getting mad and jealous.When she didnt talk to me cuz i was talking to her cousin more she got mad...well thats when i wanted to get with him to make he sooo mad.She hella didnt want us he tansfered skools nd i introduced him to my brother NOW they are bestfriends.On feb.22 my family threw my brother a birthday party.nd sure enough my brother invited him.A met my whole family...nd all my cousins could see that we flirted with each other.One day his cousin called me and she told me "i no your mad at me but a told me to tell you to move on"i hung up nd started crying and then i called him and asked him and he said "i told her not to say that becuz it sounds hella mean" nd i said"but thats wat u meant"
nd he said "well...yea but dont get me worng i..."then i hung up...the next day we gave him a ride...blah blah blah...We started talking again around feb.1...nd sure enough we were JUST friends...nd he asked out sum girl on valentines day nd i supported him telling him wat to get her and stuff just to make it seem like i didnt care...well then i ignored him for not even 2 dayz nd i never answered his calls nd he sent me a text nd it said "hey we need to talk ima call u rite now"so i waited like 3 mins.nd yea he called nd he said"hey y u acting like this...."bla blah blah anyway we still kiss...but he said he doesnt want to go out wit me becuz he's my brothers bestfriend nd yea...ALL MY CUZINS AND FRIENDS AND FAMILY SAY im to good for him and that he is too old for me[[im 13 he is 16 but ima turn 14 next month]]...nd my parents like him...I just dont know y he doesnt say "would you be my girlfriend?"does he look at me as a friend?he says he loves me alot...asta he bites me wen we kiss...i love him he loves me...i don't know what wrong???i love you a nd no has made me feel this sounds cheezy but thats y people say it...cuz they dont know how to express their feelings...:::Just to let you guys reading know that him and his girl broke up a week after...but yupp::::i love him nd we jus talk about getting together...but it never hAPPENS... OPEN YOUR EYES BABY...ima just wait here waiting for you...i still have your heart as u do with mine...


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