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Perfect spring break

It all started out when my best "girl" friend since pre school (we are 15 now) called me the day before spring break started and wanted me to go with her, her mom, and her younger brother on vacation.So I talked to some folks and i decided to go but i was a bit nervous.See there is a story and its quite a long one but she was in a two year relastionship with a friend of mine and it got a little rocky and they broke up. I helped her through it and I was glad to.Through out this whole ordeal I soon came to realise that i had fallen for her and hard. I'd always been atracted to her but it soon became more for both of us espicailly after we went to the dance together.But anyways back to the story sorry for going on. So we got to her familys place whr we where staying. And they instantly loved me and her mom did too (she droped hints to her all weekend because she wnated her to get over the last guy that hurt her so very much just as much as I did). The weather was bad and we had to stay inside most of the time but that was fine because it was a big house. Even so the younger boys always seemed to show up at just the right moment that was until everyone was out for a bit and they trusted us enough to be by ourselves together. we where up stairs and we started to argue about somthing stupid I cant even remember now but i went and layed the couch. She came over and sat on top of the couch I pulled her on top of me she started to play with my hair (which I loved). We staired into each others' eyes for a few seconds and then started to make out! We did so until everyone showed back up(ya perfect timing right). Now we are still going out and have kissed many times but I will never forget that first kiss during that perfect spring break!


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