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One day maybe...

well when i was in 6th grade i had the major hots for this boy named chris.. and he was absolutly gorgous and of course the most popular boy in school nd of course i never told him..then one day i found out he was friends with my uncle and i was like ohh hey but when i told him at school he didnt believe me and then the next day he was with my uncle and then one day he came to my house and asked me out and everything seemed to be falling in place i was so happy and then after two weeks we brk up nd i quit talking to him well we broke up in april and in june he started coming over again and we were hanging out when he told me he loved me so he was at my house every day during the summer and we went out and brk up and went out and brk up cause he liked sex and i wasnt rdy so he would say well i have to much respect then to take it frm u wen ur not rdy and then one day he got sent away for being bad and we wrote and stuff and he told me oo yea im madly in love with some one but im not gunna tell you who and he warned me he said dnt care about me ur just gonna get hurt well i did bad he got sent away the begining of august and its march now and still aint bk but him and her brk up and its not easy im still not over him and i relized weather he comes bk or stays gone im always gonne feel this way cause he was my first true love and made me discover a side of me i never thought i had and i would go bk and change that if i could but ull never know maybe one day maybe...


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