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Love at first sight

I remeber that day...December 12, 2007 I just turned 16 about a week ago, I really never thought I would fall in Love...I had many boyfriends, but i would just leave them a couple days later, although they were so attractive.

My Best Friend ha a "Girls Night In"...My mind wasn't on boys at that point in matter fact I really didn't care if any guy was coming or not. I was the type of person who didn't believe in Love, Soulmates, or Love @ first site...but that night my friend's boyfriend was coming over with some of his family who are "guys"...totally unexpected...but i didn't really care i stayed in my PJ's, messy bun, no makeup...Haha

Thats when he 1st came in...This guy I just was so drawn to him the very 1st minute...I saw him and I had to meet him...I really liked this boy at this point we talked all night...We were both attracted to each other we couldn't help but kiss (I never kissed a stranger or anyone the 1st day), but some spark was building up from that night...i never made out with a guy or so long...i really hated making out before him...but i felt so confortable next to him...Okay maybe we speeded things up...but that night he had to go and we couldnt exange numbers because my friends mom was having a fit...But he kept calling my friend asking for my phone number...When i recieved his call I was so Happy, We had to see each other the very next day.

When i saw him i remebered how i really "liked" him...but i thought it was going to be a phase like always...i thought it would last 1 week or 2...But each day we spent together grew out trust and honesty...Over 2 weeks I coulnd't believe but say I was in love,,, actually the day we met was the day i feel in was love @ 1st sight...we are soulmates...and i know many of you dont consider this sweet but He risked my mom calling the cops on him for being with me...he said he would go to jail for me...shocking but he is 21...and i love everything about him...and to be honest so many girls dont think he is the "it" boy...but i dont care i love him the way he is...i feel in love with him in and out...and thanks to this day we are still together


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