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Can't walk heartless

It was at university.I used to see him sitting infront of me on the upper gate.Im the kind of girl who never thought of getting into a relationship with anyone unless it was serious.although i have never had a serious relationship in my life before.When i saw him, my heart beated fast, the feeling of tinggling in my body was making me feel cold.My heart beated so fast i could almost feel it skipping, and my eyes got stuck on his image sitting infront of me.i could explain to my friends what he was thinking, that he was a torus, that he was a strong personality person and that he has some trouble on his mind.i could feel him from a distance and know what was wrong with him through out the time.he was always with his friends,and the moment he looked towards me id change the direction of my site, i was too shy to reveal my interest in after day, we both started looking at eachother, and day after day we both started thinking that each was interested in the other.after that he came close to were i was standing smiled at me, but i just turned away and showed him that i blocked him from my attention, because i was too scared that he'd think im one of those girls who are easy to talk to , and someone he could play and throw away after time.after this i noticed him not passing by anymore, and not looking or even giving me attention, this was annoying and shocking, because i knew i loved him some how, from his eyes i could tell he was mine, and i thought he shouldve liked the action of blocking him frm my attention which shows im a serious girl.time passed by and there passed a veryy hard week with stressing finals, and all i can think of was him, i wasnt studing all i did was day dream, til i met a guy on facebook who was accedently his bestfriend, the third day after i added this guy and have been talking to him for 3 nights on the chatting, i went to his facebook and checked his recent friends, the first name that cought into my eyes was my lover's, when i opened his profile i got shocked. i sent a poke, after a week i got a poke back. and then a massage after that massage we exchanged a couple more, and then after that we added eachother on chat and at the end of the convo we talked on the phone.
finally , it cought us both...we both were in love from the first sight, we both wanted to talk to each other and we both wanted to be with eachother but the attmosphere didnt allow us to connect, but god's strength and will joined us together through a simple way which was facebook, such miricles continued in our love days, even though it was such a hard time that we passed through, i travelled to canada and that was the most effective jump that took place in our relationship, we got extremely close and we both loved eahother even more, finally when i came back we both saw eachother daily at uni, we sat together, ate together, studied together, even got to know eachother's feelings and souls , lives and problems . we became one.
time changes and its not always flowers and laughter that a person would pass through,i had told my mom about this guy before, but when she decided to c him, she decided to reject him for the same reason my dad did too, and that was because of our financial status in the environment.they both believed i deserve a kind, not noticing how he was a prince coming out of the closed doors to the opened world with a strong degree and a brave heart and soon will become my kind.then after a while when my mom found out that she felt we were getting closer closer that she would tell my dad about it, when my dad found out he got angry cause i didnt tell him about my lover at that time, and i was grounded meaning i was not allowed to go out nor drive around nor see him, and i was at home for 12 days...until uni started again, and i was going daily to university and seeing him there, we had tough times together, and we got really depressed my mood swings were changing and i was getting very tired but he stood beside me throughout the rough times,
i felt that my couldnt my parents see my love , why couldnt they just understand how much i loved this guy, and how i didnt care for money or status i only cared for being with this person who loves me alot and whome i cant live without no matter who or what comes between us.
after that , he decided to travel to start working, he needed to fix his situation so that he can come and ask for my hand in marriage, he wanted to make sure that not only he was offering me love, but also comfort and security and that is to work hard and get some money to at least be settled.
days were going and coming, fighting, talking, i got into so much troubles and he still stood beside me, he worked hard, and never looked at any other person he always thought of his queen as in his heart and concentrated on one thing and that is to complete his sweet dream...
till now he is still working and he wants to ask for my hand in the summer, if god forbid it doesnt work, we r thnking of running away witheach other ,we love eachother way too much and we cant believe or ever feel that we want to feel the separation of our love.
we wanna get 3 kids in god's will, and we want to live the best life a person can ever have.
we believe our love is a lesson to all lovers, is an example to singles and ideas to people who just are starting out, that one look can take u on a trip through the world with one tear from ur lover. and our love is endless.
last words money is just an accessoy, and it was never the answer of love and peace. it was never the door of happiness, u can have all the money in the world and be an unhappy person like myself. my parents r both unhappy, and thier money was never the answer to thier happiness...
if i were to marry a guy i dont love, and leave my lover i know i can never continue living in this world because no one can strip his heart off his body and continue walking heartless with only a brain.


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