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Second chance lesson

It started of as a simple crush and turned into something that neither of us could've imagined it to be. I was flirting with him on msn and told him, "Hey I like you you're sweet;)." He took it seriously and from then on we in high school were supposedly flexing. I liked our status and was hoping he would ask me out and would always get assured by friends that he was going to ask me out soon. I waited for a good 7 months and everyday on msn he would remind me or reassure me he would ask me out the next day. Then finally two days before my birthday he did and then began the most awkwardest love story history has ever seen. We did not talk, acknowledge each other in the hallways and our msn chatting reduced to an absolute minimum. People would be like, "Hey you you'r girlfriend just passed by," and he would pretend he did not notice me when in reality he had seen me the minute I had turned the corner. We broke up and it broke my heart literally, I cried over the phone to my best friend and exclaimed I lost everything but then she was like what did you have to begin with. Just the fact that he was yours and nobody elses. Not even this stayed with me as he started dealing another girl in about two weeks. It was so embarrasing this affair that everybody had known of seven months was crushed in literally two weeks? How did this make me look? It made me look like as if I wasn't a good enough girlfriend and people started making up their own versions of my love story. Time passed and he realized that wasn't the girl for him and he came back to me. We flexed but I dared not to make the mistake of falling in love with him yet again and started checking out another guy. That's when it hit him and he realized I wasn't there that whenever he came he could have and whenever he didn't want he would leave me. He took me for granted and was now scared at the thought of losing me. He did everything to get me to go out with him again and he ... succeeded. I decided to give him a second chance and he has been the best boyfriend anybody could ask for. So maybe second chances aren't bad as long as a lesson is given along with it I suppose.


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