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Love Bite

I was young. And she was perfect. We were in love. And we were in college . But she was offered a scholarship at this great performing arts school and she took it. Years flew by and I was on my way to this club where my friend worked. I saw this girl. She looked familiar and her voice was sexy and sweet. I could not keep my eyes off of her ! Our eyes met for a second before she smiled and looked away as she continued singing. So the night went by and I was leaving town the next day. The next day I was at the train station and I hugged my best friend, a woman whom i was close to, goodbye. And guess who was there? her ! The same girl from the club. I then knew who she was. I was shocked. Then I saw tears in the girl's pretty eyes and I figured she had the wrong idea from me and my friend hugging. She began to run and I took her hand , pulled her back and stared into her eyes, i dried her tears and kissed her deeply. I explained everything to her and we started a conversation. it was time for her to get on her train. I watched her walk away as I felt broken but glad to see her again. I turned around and was stunned when I heard her scream my name and run into my arms. She looked up at me and smiled before saying " Im going home with you." I then smiled back and said " Thats right because home is with me." Then we kissed and left to go back to our old town we were from. A year went by and now we are engaged and happy as can be. Its strange how love can come back and bite you when you least expect it and stranger how it lasts so long. Anyway, we now live together and are getting married in April. She will be our wedding singer, which is good because she has the prettiest voice ever. And I am so excited to spend my life with her. Call me crazy but now I know for sure that love exsists.


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