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Jailhouse Love

Let me just start off by saying that how I met my love is a story for the record books!

Two years ago I had gotten myself in a little bit of trouble with the law. The consequences of that trouble resulted in me having to serve 78 days in the county jail. Going in to jail I wasn't terrified, but instead lonely. I felt like I was going to jail, being guy and sex crazy. Instead I did really well. I started to find out a little bit about myself. I never thought I would make friends in jail, but I in fact did. To this day I still talk to some of those girls, and hang out with a few of them. I never thought to this day that I would find my best friend and love of my life.

About 1/3 the way through my incarceration I met a girl who really understood me for me. I never thought I would befriend someone like her in jail and so quickly. After simply being friends for about two weeks we fell for each other hard and started a relationship. We couldn't do too much because we were locked up, but we made the best of it. We ate our meals together, enjoyed each other’s company every chance we had. We even volunteered to clean just so we could be together.

My last day was July 20th. In court the judge told me I was going home. When I got back to the jail I couldn't hold it together. I never thought it would be so hard to leave the friends you made. Being locked up, you become somewhat of a family. I said goodbye to my two roommates, but when it was time to say goodbye to my girlfriend, I wasn't able to hold it together. Crazy as it sounds, I almost wanted to stay. I just told myself it would only be two more months till she got out and then we could be together. I can wait!

It was much harder than it sounds. For the next two months I wrote her almost every day. I even sent her 17 birthday cards for her 23rd birthday. Everything was going just as we had hoped and planned. About a week before she was to be released I started to get cold feet. I mean did I really want to be with another female. Well her release date came and I went to the jail to pick her up as planned. As fate would have it I wasn’t able to pick her up, because we got the times mixed up of when she would be let go. She called me as soon as she was out and we made plans to see each other.

I felt as though I was off the hook, I was scared to let her down to her face, so I just figured I would avoid her, which I did for the next two and a half months. In those next two months I started talking to other people. I even went as far as starting a relationship with another girl. This girl and I hit it off really well. Then, my ex from jail and I started talking and hanging out again. Just as I figured all my old feelings for her came rushing back. I even went as far as cheating on my current girlfriend.

I was getting in too deep. I had to do what my heart told me to do. So, this past February 12, I broke up with the current to start a new relationship with my ex. Although it hasn’t even been a month since we’ve been back together. I have never been more in love or happy with anyone. Yes I am barely 21, but I feel I have met the true love of my life. I wouldn’t trade my happiness now for all the money in the world.

Jailhouse Love


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