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I met thought a his one of his m8s and we have been m8s for a bit because i went out with his bst m8 then we spilt up nd i became m8s with him when i frist met him i though wow look at him hes bonnie and i thought that he would never go him nd that he diden like him i found out a few months back that he liked me because my bst m8 was talking to him nd asking him if he likes me he told my m8 that am dead bonnie and that he has alleays thought that i was bonnie nd one day i saw him i wanted to ask him out but i couled so i took a deep breath nd i went over nd ask him and he yes i will go with ya so he text me that nyt saying that hes glad that we are togethere nd that hes all ways liked me t=nd that am bonnie orrrrr i love him so much we have been togethere for month nd 6 days he is so lovely he treats me like a princess he calls me all these proper nice words 2 like bbe nd my sexy princess hes best thing that ever happed to me. LOVE HIM LOADS XXXXXXXXXXXX


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