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True love never dies

it all started so innocently, one summer when i was still unbroken by this world.....

I was introduced to him by my best friend, he lived accross the street. I still can recall the first time i laid eyes on him. I was on the back of a horse, he was outside doing yardwork. I remember when his eyes caught mine, time stood still, our gazed fixed one eachother looking down at him for the first time, my heart seemed to leap from my chest. He was beautiful! A tall, dark and handsome young man, I knew at that very moment that I would have him and he me. Of course, being the charmer that he was it wasnt long and we had become lovers. He would come tap on my window in the morning to pick me up and take me to the river, I would sneak out and steal my mothers car and pick him up at night, we spent those summer nights under the stars in eachothers arms, i prayed it would never end. But like everything else, it would and sooner than i had expected. He had got himself into trouble and had been arrested and sent to jail. Life just wasnted the same. But we kept in touch, I had hundreds of dollars in phone bills to pay, but it didnt matter to me as long as we could talk...we wrote letters too, many of them. I had the chance to visit him once, we laughed and held eachother just like old times....2 years went by, still we wrote. Finally the time came and he got released, but by now i had been involved with another man for a few months, i tired my best to be true to this new relationship i was in but to no avail, in only a few short weeks we were together again..we were like magnets me and him, you just couldnt keep us apart. Time had changed nothing, he still had me and I still had him. Unfortuantly, he wouldnt follow the terms of his parole and soon he wound up back in prison...about a month after he had left this time, i found I was pregnant. So scared and alone, I made the most selfish and irrational desicion of my life. I aborted our baby, without even telling him I was pregnant. i did write him however and let him know after the fact and told him i was leaving town, that i loved him would always be there for him but that it was just too much for me to deal with, the damage was done. He asked how I could ever do this, that it was apart of him too, what more could he lose? his emotions went up and down, when he got out and returned home, I would occasionally visit him...although he refused to talk with me about the baby, there was no denying our love for one another still existed, it had been 3 years since I first set eyes on him and still he made my knees weak and heart pound. I left for the military and never looked back, in my heart i tought he would always be there whenever i would return, just like it had always been, we vowed that no matter who we were with or what our circumstances may be, if given the chance we would always be together. He died one year later in a car crash...i often read his letters, seeing things in them that I missed before, his words now so much more meaningful..."you were always too pretty to refuse", "I dont want to lose you or contract with you ever", "you always had me stuck", "think of me, i think of you always"....its been 5 years and I cant get over him...i guess its true what they say, true love never dies....


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