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So I fell

[names changed]:
One day me Ana and my best friend Emma and her boyfriend Vince were walking the hall. Emma told Vince who I liked, I didnít care because I knew Vince was trustworthy, so as we were walking Vince was teasing me about how Filip liked me. Vince and Filip are best Buds. So as we were walking we bumped into Filip. I was so nervous being with him and I started crying and went in the girlís bathroom. Emma had to make up this lame excuse that my goldfish died yesterday. So she ran in the bathroom. She comforted me. Then we went to cheerleading practice. I was the lightest so I was on top of the pyramid. Iím really clumsy so I fell and guess who was there. Filip! He caught me! Then we started talking and finally got hooked up.


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