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Next lifetime?

We fell in love in the first year of our studies. I found out then that we had a lot of things in common - likes, dislikes and similar personal experiences. We went everywhere together, we did everything together.It's difficult to explain how but I knew, in my heart he was the one for me, he was my soulmate and that we were meant to be. Towards the second year, he suddenly broke up with me with no reasonable explanation.I couldn't find a reason and I couldn't understand why. Imagine how heartbroken I was. I couldn't eat and I couldn't sleep.I kept hoping he would come back to me and regardless of what he had happened, I would take him back. He never did. When I had no more tears to shed, I came to the realization that probably I would never understand why he did it. I had to make my peace with him because I could not go on ignoring someone I still loved, someone I had to see everyday because we were in school together and because it was my way of coping with the situation then. How painful it was see him everyday and know that I wasn't a part of his life anymore. Have you ever had that inexplicable feeling of tightness in the chest that you feel when you think of a lost love? Years came to pass, we went of separate ways to pursue our careers. Despite everything, never a day passed when I did not think of him. He was a constant presence in my dreams and it always ended with him walking away.There was never any closure for me but I had to move on. I got married eventually and now have children. He, on the other hand, has remained unmarried . I would like to think that this is because he is still pining for me, regretting the mistakes in the past. More than likely, this is wishful thinking. We have become good friends.I know that he holds a special place for me in his heart. I still love him, i always have and I always will, depite everything. I still believe, no matter how foolish this may be, that he is the one for me, if not in this lifetime, may be in the next.


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